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Toxicology & Forensic Chemistry
Research Field(s)Medical and Health Sciences
Scientific Sub-Field(s)Basic Medicine
Other medical sciences
Department Medicine
Lab/Group LeaderTSATSAKIS Aristides
e-mailtsatsaka ΑΤ


VAKONAKI Eleni, evakonaki AT - Research Associate

ANESTI Ourania, medp2011899 AT - PhD Candidate

BELIVANIS Stamatios, medp2011554 AT - PhD Candidate

DOUKAS Sotirios, medp2011896 ΑΤ - PhD Candidate

KARZI Vasiliki, med2011872 AT - PhD Candidate

KYRIAKAKIS Michail, mkiriak AT - PhD Candidate

PSYCHARAKIS Panagiotis-Christos, medp2011751 AT - PhD Candidate

ALEGGAKIS Athanasios, thalegak AT - Lab Instructor


TZATZARAKIS Emmanouil, tzatzarakis AT - Lab/Group Leader

KALIGIANNAKI Ekaterini, medp2011840 AT - PhD Candidate

STRATIDAKIS Antonios, medp2011768 AT - PhD Candidate